Disability Program Navigator: Training ; October 2008: DPN Web Seminar Archive: Effective Uses of 30 Second Trainings 

This webinar was presented by two Round 1 Disability Program Navigators: Toni Costales-Servin from California and Kevin Nickerson from New York. They presented on the concept, development and effective use of 30 Second Trainings to 1) increase the level of disability and employment related expertise among One-Stop Career Center staff and Partners, and to 2) increase the level and quality of physical, programmatic and attitudinal accessibility of the One-Stop Career Centers.

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Materials / Resources:

Following are links to download the sixteen existing 30 Second Trainings and instructions for making the trainings "your own." In addition, you can download the Power Point of the 30 Second Training Presentation, along with the transcript from the Web-seminar presentation.