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 Disability Program Navigator: Training ; February 2008 — Integrated Resource Team (IRT) Webinar  

Note: This training was developed and facilitated by the previous National Technical Assistance and Training provider - The University of Iowa's Law, Health Policy, and Disability Center (LHPDC), contracted by the DPN National Program Office. In order to preserve the integrity of this resource, it does appear in its original form, which includes reference to the previous National Technical Assistance and Training provider.

The Disability Program Navigator (DPN) initiative was designed to be flexible so that it could fit into the many different one-stop environments across the nation. Since it was implemented in the first round of states in 2003, it has continued to evolve. Part of the evolution of the DPN initiative that was introduced at the DPN Pre-Conference in Kansas City in July of 2007 is the concept of Integrated Resource Teams. The Department of Labor National Program Office and the National Technical Assistance and Training provider, working together, have come up with a set of IRT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help to define 1) The function of an IRT in increasing employment outcomes for job seekers with disabilities, and 2) the role of the Navigator within an IRT.

An IRT represents one of many options that a local area may be able to use to provide an increased level of support for a jobseeker with a disability. The DOL National Program Office does not expect that every Navigator and/or local area that a Navigator covers will be able to engage in an IRT process. The purpose of this set of frequently asked questions is to clarify the IRT concept and offer some guidance on the potential role of the Navigator where an IRT is feasible.

This webinar which was hosted by Laura Gleneck, LHPDC, gave an overview of the IRT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as well as some specific case scenarios in order to help Navigators better understand the function of an IRT. Randee Chafkin, USDOL, DPN National Program Office explained the premise of the IRT and provided the history of its design while Miranda Kennedy and D.J. Diamond, both of LHPDC, provided an in depth look at the FAQs and case scenarios.

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