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 Disability Program Navigator: Resources; A) Original 30 Second Trainings 

The purpose of the 30-Second Trainings is that they are designed to be short, easy and fun, with the intent of increasing knowledge of disability and employment related issues. This original set of 1630 Second Trainings” were developed by Kevin Nickerson and Toni Costales-Servin who both serve as Round 1 DPNs.
These trainings should only take someone about 30 seconds to review and they include national, reputable resources for follow up information. These trainings can be used in several ways; below are just some of the ways these trainings may be used:

In addition the original set of 16 trainings listed below, the very first Resource listed on the page is a Microsoft Word document which contains instructions on how to make these “30 Second Trainings” Your Own.

Following are the links to download individual trainings: