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The Mental Health 30 Second Training Package was developed by the 30 Second Training Work Group Members which was led by 30 Second Training Experts, Toni Costales-Servin and Kevin Nickerson as well as Miranda Kennedy from the NDI TA Team. The month of May has been designated as Mental Heath Month and this package was developed as a means to provide tools for DPNs nationwide to promote Mental Health Month. Below is a proposed schedule for DPNs to disseminate these trainings via email to One-Stop Career Center and Partner Agency staff. As you can see there are five Mental Health 30 Second Trainings (one for each Friday in May 2010 plus Friday April 30th 2010) and each 30 Second Training covers a specific topic.

In addition, the very first Resource listed on the page is a Microsoft Word document which contains instructions on how to make these “30 Second Trainings” Your Own.

Following are the links to download individual trainings: