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 Disability Program Navigator: Navigator Frequently Asked Questions 

10(Basic)  What are some training activities I can coordinate for One-Stop staff to learn how to effectively serve individuals with disabilities?

(DPN Bi-weekly FAQ - 4-3-06. Modified from the 2005 DOL-SSA DPN FAQs)

Training is a fundamental element to improving One-Stop program access and debunking any myths held about individuals with disabilities. Spending time with staff and learning more about your workforce investment system will offer some insight on where to start. You may want to survey staff on a variety of topics that they find interesting, which provides an opportunity to hear their thoughts, concerns and questions. Your local disability community will also share their experiences using the One-Stops, both positive and negative, which may influence the training topics you choose and the community providers you ask to participate.

Remember that your training approach or that of an outside service provider is everything! This is where your skills as a relationship-builder and mediator become so critical because you will want to ensure that any outside trainers have a thorough understanding of the One-Stop system and of the DPN initiative. If a presenter is not knowledgeable about the workforce investment system or the ‘business perspective’, staff may not feel that the training is geared towards them and may not feel comfortable asking the real questions on their minds. Bring in community service providers who want to collaborate with One-Stops and who share the belief that individuals with disabilities can benefit from One-Stop services. The attitude of your presenters will come through in the trainings and can be just as influential as the material presented. Your One-Stop managers and staff will appreciate the fact that you have brought in presenters who understand their challenges and concerns in serving individuals with disabilities. In addition to enlisting outside training vendors, there are also self-paced training tools available online that you can recommend. Here are some examples of training topics that DPN ’s have coordinated:

  • At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities to the One-Stop - http://www.wiawebcourse.org/#over
  • This online self-paced course is designed to help those employees responsible for initial customer contact to develop a better understanding of the needs and experiences of people with disabilities. Present how to adjust general customer service standards to meet the needs of the customer with a disability. Develop basic etiquette for interacting with a customer who has a disability. Show how to comply with statutes regarding service to people with disabilities, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508. The course content is self-paced and organized into 11 sections, which are referred to as "topics". Many Navigators have worked with One-Stop Managers and Local WIB s to have this course implemented as mandatory training for new One-Stop Career Center Staff..
  • ETA Video on Services for People with Disabilities -http://www.doleta.gov/disability/(scroll down to link to the video titled “Serving People with Disabilities in One-Stop Career Centers) The Employment & Training Administration of the Department of Labor worked with a few projects to produce a short video which portrays success stories showcasing how the One-Stop Centers are serving customers with disabilities obtain meaningful employment opportunities. Some of the footage highlighted Navigators and showed how the One-Stop system works successfully with customers, including both persons with disabilities and employers.
  • One-Stop Staff Training and Education - http://www.onestoptoolkit.org//library/library.cfm#chapter22Several Navigators have developed training curriculums, training modules and materials. These training materials as well as other One-Stop staff training and education resources, developed by grantees within both the Disability Program Navigator and Work Incentive Grant projects, are available in the Library of the grantee collaborative workspace of the One-Stop Toolkit website (www.onestoptoolkit.org). This is a password protected site. If you are DPN or a WIG grantee and do not have a username and password to access these documents, please send an e-mail to Laura Gleneck at lgleneck@ndi-inc.org
  • Job Accommodation Network’s Publications and Resources - http://www.jan.wvu.edu/media/index.htm
    The Job Accommodation Network’s Publications and Resources section contains multiple publications and fact sheets related to disability and employment issues. These fact sheets can serve as hand-outs for trainings facilitated by a Navigator and can also provide guidance on possible training topics.

Note to DPNs: If you have comments, suggestions or questions relating to the above topic, please email DJ Diamond at ddiamond@ndi-inc.org . They may be added to this FAQ and the archived one on the One-Stop Toolkit website.