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 Disability Program Navigator: Navigator Frequently Asked Questions 

2(Basic)  How do I introduce and explain my position to the staff at the One-Stop Career Centers and the Workforce Investment Board (WIB)?

The DOL DPN Fact Sheet is a useful handout that provides a summary of the DPN initiative. Begin by representing yourself as a resource who will be responsive to their needs and available to support them in providing high-quality customer service to job seekers with disabilities. After expressing your commitment to learning more about the workforce investment system, be prepared to provide a general overview of why the initiative was established. Emphasize that all people, including those with disabilities can benefit from the valuable services One-Stops have to offer, including the enhanced labor market information, strong employer relations, and job seeking tools and assistance. Point out that by developing linkages with a variety of community service providers, you will be expanding partnerships and providing guidance to One-Stop staff in helping job seekers with disabilities gain or retain employment. Relay that you look forward to learning more about your One-Stop’s business relations strategy, as well as how you may work with the business services staff to learn about employers’ needs in the areas of hiring and retaining qualified individuals with disabilities. Also, share that you look forward to working together to increase universal access (a key principle of WIA) so that a wide variety of job seekers can utilize services and reach their employment goals. By highlighting how individuals with disabilities can benefit from One-Stop services and representing yourself as a resource to the workforce investment community to increase employment outcomes, your role will be considered an asset. Helpful resources include:

Note to DPNs: If you have comments, suggestions or questions relating to the above topic, please email DJ Diamond at ddiamond@ndi-inc.org . They may be added to this FAQ and the archived one on the One-Stop Toolkit website.