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The purpose of the 30-Second Trainings is that they are designed to be short, easy and fun, with the intent of increasing knowledge of disability and employment related issues. This 5 - Part Series of 30-Second Trainings was developed by Miranda Kennedy, NDI Consulting Inc., Kevin Nickerson, DPN, NY, Toni Costales-Servin, DPN, CA, with additional input from the 30-Second Training work group. This series was developed for Disability Program Navigators to use with staff and partners and employers in their Local Workforce Investment Areas to promote and increase awareness of the benefits and resources available to employers hiring and accommodating qualified job applicants and employees with disabilities. This training series can be used to augment other local level activities in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (October), or can be used as stand-alone. This set of 30-Second Trainings has two versions of each training – one with sound and one without sound. This distinction was made to ease the process of downloading and disseminating these trainings, as some offices have older equipment which makes it difficult to send the trainings that contain sound files. Whenever possible, the version with sound should be used as it enhances the experience of the 30-Second Training.

Following are the links to download individual trainings: