Disability Program Navigator: Resources; A) 30 Second Trainings : Asset Development  

The Asset Development series was designed to help Disability Program Navigators (DPNs) increase awareness of the many available Asset Development strategies and resources that exist to promote and support increased self-sufficiency and financial stability among individuals with low-incomes, including individuals with disabilities.  This series was created by Miranda Kennedy, Laura Gleneck and DJ Diamond of the DPN Technical Assistance team, NDI Consulting, Inc., and Kevin Nickerson, DPN, NY State.

The first ten (10) 30-Second Trainings in the Asset Development series are geared towards individuals with disabilities and provide information on basic financial literacy.  Trainings eleven (11) through twenty (20) of the series provide more advanced information on resources that can be shared with One-Stop Career Center Staff, Direct Service Providers and other Disability Partners, as well as individuals with disabilities.

What is a 30-Second Training
30-Second Trainings are short, easy and fun and are designed to increase knowledge of disability and employment related issues.  They should only take about 30 seconds to review and include national, reputable resources for follow up information.

Each 30-Second Training has been saved as a PowerPoint Show (.pps) and in an accessible .html version, so clicking on a link will automatically launch the training in both .pps and .html formats respectively. If you would like to save a copy of the PowerPoint Show so that you can disseminate it via email, simply right click and choose “Save Target As”.

Following are the links to download individual trainings:

Basic Financial Literacy

Asset Development Resources and Strategies