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 Disability Program Navigator: Resources; A) 30 Second Trainings  : One-Stop Access Series

As part of ongoing technical assistance, the NDI Technical Assistance Team created a new series of 30-Second Trainings that address One-Stop Access. These trainings were developed for Navigators to share with their One-Stop staff and partners.

In addition to creating the new One-Stop Access 30 Second Training Series, the NDI TA Team also created a One-Stop Access Resource Guide that will serve as a “take-away” or desk-top resource for One-Stop staff and partners. This guide contains useful information and resources found in the correct answers of the One-Stop Access 30-Second Trainings and other national, regional, state, and local resources that can support One-Stop staff and partners in serving job seekers with disabilities.

One-Stop Access Resource Guide

One-Stop Access 30 Second Trainings